Have you ever seen Glengarry Glen Ross? Well, first off, you should. It’s a movie with an absolute stacked cast. Pacino, Lemon, Baldwin, Arkin, Harris, Spacey and a few other character actors to boot. It truly is a stunning movie. A little bit thick on the offensive language front, but a classic film nonetheless. It’s a movie about the art of sales. Well, ok you got me, it’s actually technically a movie about the art of stealing, but behind the crime front is a film founded in the art of sales. There’s one particular line from the film that sticks with you. ABC. Always Be Closing. It’s the motto of their sales team. You are ALWAYS closing the deal. If you’re not closing the deal, someone else is. I live by a similar motto. ABC. Always Be Contenting

Ok, so it’s not the smoothest or most grammatically correct sentence, but I think you’ll agree with the core concept. Over the past two years I’ve built a number of sites for clients and I always go over this concept with them. I may not use the Glengarry Glen Ross explanation, but I always drill the point home. I can build a super pretty website (I like to use the word pretty to describe things as of late, I don’t know why) but that site will be absolutely useless if you don’t constantly create content; create a reason for a visitor to not only come to the website, but more importantly to return to the website. Let me give you a personal example.

I’m happy with the traffic to my website. It’s steady, contains a lot of unique visitors and I’m pretty happy with it. But over the last couple weeks I’ve seen traffic wane. Now, why might that be? Well, over the last couple of weeks, there’s been nothing new on the site. Instead of 3-4 posts a week I’ve had zip, zilch, nada. Why? Well, lots of reasons. I’ve had a huge project I’ve been working on for a client that has kept me very busy. I’ve been dealing with a two year old with a sinus infection AND his birthday party which consisted of 12 children stampeding through my house like an african safari. I may have fallen down a flight of stairs and possibly got a concussion while playing ice hockey. That’s over a three week period.

And it’s easy to think that way. It’s easy to think that there are reasons that you’re not able to get content up on your site. But if that’s the case, you have to reconcile with the fact that NO ONE is  going to come look at your website if it’s the exact same website that they looked at yesterday or last week or last month. If you fail to provide information to your visitors, you are a zoo without animals, an amusement park without rides and you will not be successful.

So, what’s the solution. Well, it’s possible to solve this issue with two options. The first is to write. Create content. Create visuals, create text, and make content. It takes time, but anything that’s worth doing is going to take time. For this to happen, you just need to make time. The second is VERY difficult for a lot of people to do. Especially small business owners. If you don’t have the time to create content, you need to have someone create content for you. Whether this is delegating that job to someone in your circle or hiring someone…hint hint, you need content to keep your website relevant. Remember, ABC. Always Be Contenting. 

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