Do you remember when you first set up your twitter account? Or any of your social media platforms?

Do you remember your first tweet?

Chances are it was something truly asinine. Chances are it was something like “this is my first tweet.”

Your first tweet says a lot about what your plan was at the time. In my case, my twitter account was for an ENTIRELY different project and it was years later that OneRedCat became…well…OneRedCat.

I didn’t know any better. I wasn’t using it for business. Honestly, I didn’t really know what I was using it for.

My first ever tweet read, “Episode 3 shot”.

Now what exactly did that mean? Well, in the beginning, OneRedCat Media was a very small indie film production organization. Honestly, it was a bunch of guys that worked together trying to do something cool.

Do you remember your very first tweet? You can check it using this method. Once you’ve taken a look, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Why did I join Twitter in the first place?

  2. Did this first tweet connect to that reason in any way?

It’s ok if it didn’t. It doesn’t for most. Most organizations joined their various social media networks with the same thorough planning as they had hitting the gym on January 1st. It’s a whole lot of “isn’t this a great idea” and not very much “what next.”

The real point is this.

When you’re trying to figure out what platforms you are going to connect to your business or to your personal brand, ask yourself these two questions.

  1. Why do I want to be there?

  2. What in the hell am I going to do when I get there?

Now if you’re satisfied with the answers to those two questions, you’re not done.

There’s more.

Ask yourself this;

“Are any of the people that I want to connect with, connecting on this platform?”

If you can’t answer this question with a resounding yes, then what are you doing?

This is what we recommend of any business that’s trying to figure out what social media platforms they’re going to be active on.

First, understand the platform. If you don’t understand the snaps and the stories and what a geofilter is, don’t just start plugging away on Snapchat hoping that it works out. That might have been ok in the beginning, but there is no excuse now. There are too many resources out there that give you the pieces that you need.

Obviously you need to do what’s natural for you and your brand, but you need to understand the basics of how to use the platform you want to be on.

Second, understand how YOU’RE going to use the platform. Now that you know what it does, do you know what it can do for you? Do you know how its users consume content? Do you know how people interact on it? All networks are NOT the same and you need to know that the WAY you talk to people on Instagram HAS to be different than how you speak to people on Twitter.

If your plan is to just regurgitate content across all of those platforms, do yourself a favour and give up now.

It’s ok if you don’t know why you joined the platforms you did.

But right now, today, you need to ask yourself;

Why am I here?

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