Content is king. Right?

I’ve heard it described as King. I’ve heard it described as Queen. Over and over again, I’ve heard content creation described as the be all and end all of the world.


If content is king, context is God.

Think about the content that you’ve seen that has blown up. Did it blow up because the content was that masterful? Did it blow up because it was perfectly crafted? Maybe. But I doubt it.

The real beauty is not in what we create. The real beauty is in the why?

Content is important. I don’t think that’s a controversial statement. But this idea that you can roll the world if you just keep putting out more and more content should be old yellered as soon as possible. Take it out behind the shed and shoot it.

The quality of our work MUST exceed the quantity of our work. We currently put out an OBSCENE amount of content. We get clients to create and curate stacks and stacks of content and we’re shocked that no one is reading it all.


Who could read all this?

And as soon as we put forth some mediocre content, we dilute the entire process. People stop trusting the process. No one reads your blog anymore because they see that you’re not taking the time to create good content.

I’m VERY active in the blogging community. I’m VERY active in the podcasting community.

But I don’t consume everything anyone makes. Just because you decided to start writing content doesn’t mean I need to read it.

“But it’s free!?!”

Sure. When it comes to MONEY. But what ARE you asking for?

Do you want my email address and my name?

Do you want my time?

We need to realize that there is more to the economy than dollars and we need to respect that.

So instead of just pushing out content cause it’s Wednesday and that’s the day you put out your content, why not start producing content that YOU actually give a shit about?

Do that and you MIGHT find other people that give a shit about it as well.

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