I’m on Twitter. I know. Newsflash. I’m on Twitter for a couple of reasons. I like to hear what celebrities have to say about things that they probably shouldn’t talk about. I like to keep on current events in a manner that likely does not fit with the actual events in any way. I like to promote the work that I do and most importantly, I like to interact with my clients, both real and potential. And if you’re on Twitter with your business, you need to interact with your clients. Let’s review.
Boston Pizza. I wrote an article about how fantastic one of your servers was. You responded. You thanked me and you told me that you would tell the server that I was impressed. One gold star.

Future Shop. I wrote several tweets about how amazingly bad one of my customer experiences had been. You contacted me, put me in touch with the store manager, solved my issue and since that point, I’ve had nothing but good experiences at your store. Two gold stars.

Tweetbot. I complained about your new update and said I was going to switch Twitter clients due to a number of glitches. You responded, gave me some steps to fix the issue, they worked and (for now) I will continue to use your client. One gold star.

Coffee Delivery Company: One of your drivers flew through a crosswalk that my stroller and I were entering. I tweeted that you should be more careful. You had the president of the company call me that day, while he was on vacation. You responded to the issue and followed up to tell me that you had discussed in in detail at a staff meeting. Two gold stars.

Quick follow up. Yes, you get more stars for sucking and then recovering than you do for just being awesome to begin with. Don’t ask me why, I didn’t make the rules. Well, I did but just let it go.

Enter Asics. About four years ago I started running. For those who know me/have seen me/are aware of my record of eating 26 hard shell tacos in a single sitting, stop laughing. Seriously, I’m a runner. Stop laughing. Are you done? Ok. I’ll wait.

Enter Asics. When I first started running I quickly learned that you can’t just run in any old shoe, especially if you may or may not be slightly or somewhat or a lot overweight. So I went to my local Running Room and they checked out my feet, told me I did not have any arches and picked out a pair of Asics Gel Pulse II’s. They were great. And then I ran almost 500 kilometers. And those shoes died. And I needed new shoes.

Now, here’s the part where I made a mistake. I’m man enough to admit it. I looked for a new pair of shoes but I wanted a pretty pair (for those following, I like the word pretty a lot, it’s not a dig or a joke). I also wanted a deal. So I found a new pair of Asics trail runners. They weren’t the same model I had worn previously. They were prettier. And they were on sale. So I bought them and turned my old ones into walkers. Then I bought ANOTHER pair of even prettier, even more on sale Asics. They become my runners and the trail runners became my new walkers.

And I instantly regretted everything. I developed severe foot pain EVERY TIME I wore either pair. I was outside my normal return period at the store but I thought i would reach out to Asics through Twitter and see if there was maybe something they could do. That was almost four months ago. Two terrible pairs of shoes, me no longer running, and about a dozen and a half tweets later, I’ve still never heard from Asics. Every once in awhile I check to see if they’re still tweeting. They are. I also sent in one request through their customer service form. Nothing. Zilch.

You don’t have to be on Twitter. Seriously. You really should. But you don’t HAVE to be. But if you ARE going to be on Twitter you need to BE on Twitter. Not every second or every hour (that;s my job) but rather, when something comes up, Twitter is not the place to ostrich. When you park your head in the sand, the internet doesn’t go away. It makes fun of you. It’s a terrible system but unless you have a time machine and want to get cholera you’re stuck with it. 

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