“You can’t please everyone all the time.”

We’ve all heard the saying. You probably know what it means.

The world is full of fans & fanatics, clients & customers, users & abusers. It is highly unlikely that you’re product or service is right for everyone. It’s even more unlikely that the way you present your product or service is right for everyone. There’s a good chance that someone hates your content. In fact, there’s a good chance that a LOT of people hate your content.

But we don’t actually care about them.

You’re not writing for them.

I’m going to get a little bit biblical here for a moment. I promise it will be short and sweet and we’ll get back to it.

There’s this story of this shepherd. He’s got a bunch of sheep, like 100. And he’s a good shepherd and he’s doing a good job. But sheep suck so one day all of them wanders away.

So the shepherd leaves all of the other sheep, the 99 sheep that stayed close by, and he goes looking for the 1. And people think this guy’s crazy because why would you risk all of those other sheep for the one directionally impaired sheep.

But in the mind of the shepherd, the other way doesn’t make sense at all. He’s not going to stand around yelling, “DOLLY! DOLLY! DOLLY!” when Dolly is standing right beside him and Steve is the dumb sheep that’s wandered off. Instead he goes out looking for that ONE sheep, the sheep that’s missing.

That’s who you should be writing for.

Don’t try to write for one million, or one thousand, or even one hundred people. Write content for ONE person.

Name them. Write content for Fred.

If Fred likes listicles and of dogs and blogs about the processes your logistics organization uses to beat the rest of the market, then by god I’d better see a blog post titled “13 Things We Learned About Logistics From Lassie”.

Because you can’t please everyone. But you can please Fred. And if Fred is your customer, then there are probably MORE Fred’s. Probably a lot more. So stop writing content for Stephanie and Arthur and Megan and Colin.

Write for Fred, that one lost sheep.

Do it for Fred.

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