I was recently going through my twitter timeline, a little light reading, when I came across a tweet from a local yoga studio (those laughing right now at the thought of me doing/thinking about doing yoga are rude) that advertised how excited they were about their newly developed website. I’m always interested in when a company rebrands in any manner, including a new online presence and I support the movement towards healthier lifestyles, in theory, so I decided to check it out. I do most of my twitter work on my iPhone so I opened the site in Safari and stood, mouth agape, at what I saw. It was (are you sitting down) a website that was not optimized for the mobile experience. NOOOOO!

Now, you may think that I’m feigning my displeasure. I’m not. Depending on who you ask, something like 25-40% of internet traffic is on mobile devices. I guess that doesn’t sound too bad because it’s only a quarter of the pie. Except when you start to think about who that pie is, in relation to a yoga studio. Yoga is expensive. And popular. So, your users fall into one of three categories. The first is wealthy. The second is hip. The third is both. So, what are these wealthy, hip individuals using for a phone. The data would say an iPhone or at worst (and yes, I mean worst) a Samsung Galaxy. Users of these types of phones are for more likely than, as an example, a Blackberry user to use their device for mobile web browsing.

So, you have a wealthy, hip person who is heading from their cool office space to yoga and they just want to check and make sure that they got a class time right. So, they “open” their iPhone and go to the yoga studios website only to find that they have to scroll around like they’re a first time braille reader trying to navigate. It’s annoying and when you annoy people they tend to not like that very much.

Now, part of this blame could possibly be placed on the web developer. When I’m building a new site for a client I always talk with them about the mobile options. Maybe the developer did talk to them about it but they were trying to cut costs and decided against a mobile friendly version. Whatever the case is, in a world where fewer and fewer people are sitting at a “computer” to do their web browsing, it’s not ok no to have a mobile friendly version of your website. You might as well ask them to fax you.

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