My best friend’s wife did her MBA at Dalhousie University. In fact, that’s where I met her and eventually introduced her to my best friend, who she eventually married and stole away to Ottawa… but I’m not bitter. Anyways, last year I decided to read The Complete MBA for Dummies. I made a little game out of telling her that I was completing my MBA and then telling her that I was doing so using a “for dummies” book. She thought that I was being serious and that I thought that I was, in fact, earning my MBA (which I clearly did not). Now, why did I read The Complete MBA for Dummies? Because why not?

Now there are two parts to this story that will probably make you think less of me but I plan on addressing both of them. The first is “why did I not do a real MBA?” Well, I didn’t think that I needed an MBA at this time. Eventually, I’d love to do my MBA but I don’t have the time to do so right now, but I think that it’s important to read as much as possible (currently reading a book on “sticky” ideas right now) and when you have the opportunity to digest information that you didn’t previously have, you should do so.

But the bigger issue that most people have with this whole concept is the fact that I used a “for dummies” book, for a couple of reasons. First, people tend to think that there is something inherently wrong with these books. People think that a book “for dummies” is beneath them. It’s not. In fact, it’s the highest sign of self awareness to be able to read a book “for dummies” and get something out of it. On the surface, you must first come to the bold, and often difficult, realization that you…are not…as smart as you think you are. If you’re reading a “for dummies” book, there is a pretty solid chance that, on this particular topic, you might even be, wait for it, a dummy.

I’m a dummy when it comes to, for example, Japanese. I’m a dummy when it comes to, as another example, automotive repair. There’s nothing wrong with accepting that you are not an expert on a topic that you’re not an expert on. I will not give advice on fashion, air conditioning repair or quilting. But I would certainly read a “for dummies” book on any of those three topics, as well as a whole host of others.

So what did I learn from The Complete MBA for Dummies? Plenty. I think there’s something to learn everywhere and the “for dummies” series falls under the realm of anywhere, right? It’s not that I believe that there is no value in going to get your MBA (I promise, Jonny Stevens) it’s just that it wasn’t for me at this exact moment in time. So I decided to read a book.

I like books.

You should also read books.

That’s how I got my MBA…

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