A huge part of my week is spent just trying out new things. Whether it’s a new organizer app, a new email program or project management software, in order to properly guide my clients towards the right products, I like to play with them all. This means that every single week, my email gets entered into somewhere around…10-15 websites as a login or signup. This results in those 10-15 services contacting me. It also results in another series of contacts from other companies that I’ve never signed up for service with. Unfortunately, a lot of companies make a lot of money off of selling their contact lists. The result? I get a lot of emails from companies I don’t really want anything to do with from an email perspective, both those that I’ve signed up for and those that I haven’t. And what do I usually do? I delete that email and carry on. But not this week. This week I hit the magic button. Unsubscribe.
How much time do you waste JUST deleting emails you don’t care about. Some of these are things I signed up for. Example. Moores. Occasionally I want to know what Moores is offering on sale. But not weekly. And yet every week, Moores tells me, HEY, WE’VE GOT NEW SHIRTS ON SALE. I don’t really care. So? Unsubscribe.
Newegg is possibly my favorite provider when it comes to purchasing hardware. Whether I need a hard drive dock or a new SSD, I love Newegg. Great prices. Great products. BUT. I don’t need to know what’s on sale at Newegg all the time. When I need something, I buy it (and usually a few other things) and when I don’t need something, I don’t buy it. But every week I get an email from Newegg telling me I could save 73% off PC desktop cases and 68% off PC cooling fans. Hey, Newegg. I don’t care. So? Unsubscribe.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Much of my IT repair work has to do with email. Invariably a client is unable to setup email on multiple devices or is having some related issue and that’s where I come in. The last three times I’ve been working with clients email accounts I’ve seen a habit that I had to mention. Unopened email from sources you probably don’t care about. I’m guessing you don’t need Carnival Cruises weekly update (and if you do, you probably don’t care about anything). I’m guessing that you know a lot of ways to cook with cheese and you don’t need Kraft telling you their daily recipe (often just a variation on Mac & Cheese using a different kind of cheese or a different kind of mac).

So, why do we keep getting emails we don’t care about and doing nothing about it? I don’t know. Maybe we’re lonely or sad and tired of emails from co-workers telling us we forgot to put the correct cover on our TPS reports. Maybe we forget every time. Maybe we don’t care. But I’m telling you. If you want to free up time, avoid unnecessary distractions and stop wasting time with things you don’t care about, take the next week to read EVERY email you get. Every. Single. One. If you don’t get something from that email, go to the bottom of the message and hit unsubscribe. Do that for one week and then live life unfettered by the clutter of updates you don’t care about.

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