I’m pregnant. Ok. Well, not like ACTUALLY pregnant. What I REALLY mean is that I have a whole bunch of things inside of me and I have 9 months to get them out. Ok. I probably need to explain. Today, the power went out at my house…for 7 hours. During this time my phone DIED, my laptop DIED, my iPad DIED and the book I wanted to read was in my sleeping daughter’s room. The only thing left within my grasp was the moleskin notebook that I bought last year for notes and ideas and stuff. This turned out to be fortuitous.

I decided to list every project that I was working on and everything I wanted to accomplish for the rest of the year. The FIRST cool part about this was that it ended up being EXACTLY 26 items long. So, I decided to call it the A to Z Master Fucking Plan (sometimes I get really aggressive when I’m making lists). The SECOND cool part was when I realized that the gestation period for a human is 9 months (ok, it’s 10) and that’s what I had left in the year. THAT’S when I realized I was pregnant…WITH IDEAS.

Some of these things were just names of projects or things around the house that I had to accomplish, but most of them were things that I have to actually DO. For example, writing blogs. I can’t jut say “writing blogs”. There’s a number attached to that goal. So I wrote down that number beside each task. Some of them were per week, some of them were month and still others were per year. And then I wrote down each of those things as a goal over that 9 month period. Some of those numbers looked REALLY daunting. EXCITING, but daunting. I realized quite quickly that I was not equipped. I needed…a plan.

planMy wife makes fun of some of my plans, particularly the ones that require any sort of actual plans. One of the reasons is because I have a tendency to not actually…plan. For example, occasionally, I cook. Not very often, but sometimes. And WHEN I cook, I don’t typically use a recipe. And I’m not talking about boiling pasta or making eggs. I’m talking pulled chicken by the seat of my pants. What I’m typically missing are “steps” or “instructions” or “ingredients”. But this plan required instructions AND ingredients.

So I decided that I needed to start with ingredients.

  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Hustle
  • Support
  • Mindfulness
  • No

Before we get to the instructions, let’s talk about some of these ingredients.

Transparency are the garbanzo beans of this whole deal. If you’re not familiar with garbanzo beans, that’s because, THEY’RE CHICK PEAS and when your wife sends you to the grocery store to get chick peas and every can says garbanzo beans you will go insane. So, you can call it transparency, but I’m really talking about accountability. I’m talking about being transparent about what I’m doing so that others will hold me accountable. “Hey Mike, I thought you were gonna write 144 blogs?”

Honesty. I’m really talking about being honest with myself. I’m talking about when you say to yourself, “yeah…dude… you kind of sucked today. You don’t deserve a cookie.”

Hustle. Hustle, to me, is when you work hard when you don’t really want to and when you work smart so that you don’t have to work so hard. Others might feel differently about the word hustle. But this is my hustle.

Support. My goal, when my wife was pregnant, was to be as supportive as possible. And I think I did a pretty good job…the first time around. The second time I was tired. So during my “pregnancy” I’m going to need some people to be supportive. So if you see me struggling, holler at your boy.

Mindfulness. Sometimes, I’m a little scattered. I love multi-tasking but I need to be more purposeful with my multi-tasking. Multi-tasking shouldn’t be posting Snoop Dogg gifs while watching Daredevil while building a website. It’s about watching a 99U talk about creativity while writing a blog post.

NoNo. I need a healthy teaspoon of no. Not a dash. Not a pinch. A HEAPING tablespoon. I say yes to WAY too many things. Some of those things have been really rewarding but I need to start saying no to things that I’m not passionate about. If I don’t love IT or I don’t love YOU then I need to say no.

Now, about the instructions.

  • I need to eat with my kids. I’m spending 30-60 minutes after the kids go to bed cooking and eating. This is my prime productive time and I’m wasting it. And so while eating with children is a lesson in patience…that’s what I need right now.
  • Netflix is a responsibility, not a right. I don’t get to watch Netflix because I’m breathing. I get to watch Netflix because I kicked ass today.
  • Video Games are a lot of fun, but they need to be a carrot. I get to play video games when I’ve dominated my day.
  • I need 3 hours a week of kid-free time. This is time that can be used periscoping…or exercising…or dancing.
  • I need to sleep 7 hours a night. That doesn’t seem like much but right now I’m getting anywhere from 4-6. That’s not ok. When the lights go out, the lights need to go out.
  • I need to turn off notifications. I spend half my time looking to the top right of my mac to read messages as they fly on and off of the screen. So tonight I turned off ALL my Mac notifications except Calendar so that when I’m working, I’m working.
  • My phone needs to stay in my pocket. I’m having these partial moments with my kids and much like my mindfulness at work, I need to be more mindful when I’m on daddy duty.
  • I need to PLAN my social media better. I’ve done a good job of engaging online but I know the value of good social media planning, so I need to get on it.
  • 2 nights a week I need to get the hell out. 1 night is taken up with game night so that means 1 night a week, I need to get out. If I want to use it to work, great, but if I don’t, that’s ok too.
  • Finally, I need to practice what I preach. I take a lot of shortcuts and I need to start taking the long way again. I teach these processes because they work.

PlanSo what’s my birth plan? (P.S. ask me about my ACTUAL birth plan sometime if you want a good laugh). Here’s what I’m going to do in the next 9 months (starting April Fool’s day. RIGHT?)

  • 144 Blog Posts Written
  • 9 E-books Written
  • 2 Books Written
  • 9 Websites Built
  • 4 Online Courses Completed
  • 9 Slideshares Created
  • 36 Periscopes
  • 540 Talks Watched
  • 6 Books Read
  • 135 Hours of Exercise
  • 6 Side Hustles
  • 1 Primary Business
  • 2 Conferences
  • 1 Agency (stretch goal and partner dependent)

I hope you follow along. I’ll be letting you know how I’m doing and if I can help you kill it over the next 9 months, let me know. I’m always happy to help.

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