We live in a world and in a time that admires, above all else, efficiency. In our social media marketing, we are asked to act quickly and be “on brand”. We use applications that force us to be economical with our words. We book our lives according to smaller and smaller portions of time. We define and refine everything a hundred times over.

And there’s something terrible that happens when you do so.

You take away all the poetry.

I am a pretty terrible poet. I recently discovered a collection of poems that I wrote in university. That’s right. I was one of THOSE guys, that was spending his time writing poetry in university.

The poetry was, on the whole, not good. But even now, almost two decades later, some of that poetry still lives with me. And I can’t say that about any of my prose. I don’t know if I could say that about anything else in my entire world. In terms of the things that I’ve created, I don’t know that I can remember anything in the same way that I can remember that one poem.

You walked by me for the first time and my jaw dropped.
I picked it up and put it in my pocket.
Weeks later, I saw you with him.
I took my jaw back out of my pocket and placed it gingerly on the sidewalk.

Now that’s not a great poem. And I didn’t remember it perfectly until I was reading through it the other day. I did, however, remember that last line. I remembered the idea of one’s jaw dropping. I remembered how carefully I had considered the idea of our jaw being something that we could drop or pick up at will.

I work in a creative field. I write and design and of course, whenever possible, I try to “leave the poetry” in whenever I can.

But how can I do that when I’m managing social media marketing? Or developing a marketing plan?

Well, it’s pretty much the same idea.

You see, that’s what I think is wrong with most of the things in the world these days. We’ve eliminated the poetry. Everything is process management and ROI and efficiency.

I believe that you can put all of those things together.

I believe that you can create a social media plan that is not just “goal, action, return” but also elegant.

I believe that you can create a sales and marketing funnel that’s as much to do with passion and purpose that it is profit.

Is it easy?

No. Anything worth doing rarely is.

But that’s a boring question.

We don’t use “is it easy” as a barometer for most things in our lives, especially when it’s something that we really want.

So when you’re questioning whether something is worth it, you need to consider that you’re actually asking a very different question;

Do I really want this?

Answer that question by leaving in the poetry.

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