Have you ever been to a restaurant where the menu is one of those giant laminated menus with twelve sections ranging from pasta to burgers to “home cooking”? It’s a tri-fold menu with more than 100 hundred items. Specifically, they brag about having SO many menu items. Well, I’m here to tell you that having a million items on your menu is nothing to brag about. I’m an avid fan of Bar Rescue and Restaurant Makeover. I love these shows because they have proven time and time again that simple is better. And yet, people still keep complicating things.
I’ve done it myself. My website used to be a series of pages. If you wanted web work done or you wanted some logo work done or whatever, there was a page or a link for that. If you wanted me to teach you how to do something, there was a lengthy contact form that went through a series of logistical questions including what type of course you were looking for and how many people you wanted me to teach. And then I realized something. People don’t fit into neat little columns that you can pop into a spreadsheet and 100 items on a menu is far too many to allow for meaningful choice. 

And so I eliminate every single page on my website, save two. The first is my home page. It gives you the quick hits of what I do. The second is my blog, where you’re reading this and other articles on productivity and related concepts. There are links to my social media profiles and a really simple contact form that says “what’s your name and what do you want?” I cut every item off the menu that didn’t need to be there. My menu is now a simple question. Are you hungry? Everything else is chatter.

I was recently having a conversation with someone about a project. They had yet to post a request and so I said I would keep an eye out for when they actually posted something. Their response was; why? Why wait? You know what the gig is. You know what the required skillset is. Everything else is just fluff. And they were right.  I didn’t need the rest of the “details”. I knew what they were looking for. End of story.

So how can you put this into action? Well, think about what it is you do. Can you explain it in 2 sentences that anyone (within reason) could understand? If you can’t, start there. If you were speed dating, what’s the one thing you would say to get people hooked? You don’t need to wrap that up in a complicated mission statement and a website with 15 pages. You need to unwrap it. And lay it on the table. Someone is hungry. I guarantee.

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