This is not a duplicate. I repeat, this is not a duplicate. Yes. Despite the vast number of options and speakers available to me at Podcamp and the fact that I could only go to four sessions other than my own (daddy duty calls) I decided that one half of the sessions I attended needed to be at least half made up of Ross Simmonds aka @The CoolestCool. If you haven’t yet read my review of his first session, you’ll find it here. So I’m not going to say a lot of mushy happy feeling words about Ross because the first one was full of a lot of those. Instead, let’s get right into this amazing session on content.

Content, they say, aimlessly and without any true reverberations throughout the actual marketing world, is king. You’ll hear marketer after market talk about the need to produce great content; meaningful content; content that converts and gets shared and gets traction. Occasionally one might even hear them talk about something “going viral”. What exactly does it all mean and how do you do it? Well, my big takeaway from this talk was, “it ain’t easy.” 
And it ain’t. My overwhelming thought coming out of Ross’s talk was “damn, I need to get much better at data.” You see, this talk wasn’t about how to get an article to gain traction or how to get people to share your blog post. Instead, it was about the overwhelming need for marketers and businesses to start targeting where their content goes. Anyone can write a blog post. And they do. Trust me. You’re reading one right now. And a lot of people can even write a GOOD blog post. But how many people know where that blog goes once they hit publish? How many of those people know where people are looking for content? Just so we’re clear, every person on the internet doesn’t get a notification pop up on their screen every time you post a new kale recipe on your blog. Do you know how many people are doing EXACTLY what you’re doing EXACTLY when you’re doing it? One of the interesting facts I learned is that all the data that was created between the beginning of time and 2003 equals what we create in 2 days in 2015. 2 days? Are you kidding me? And you think people are lining up to read your stuff? Have a seat.

People aren’t lining up to do anything. There’s too many options. If you’re not making sure that content gets delivered to them, they’re not seeing it. You can be Tony Stark smart but you’ll be Tony Stark smart living in your parents basement eating ramen noodles all day if you’re not Tony Stark resourceful. This was another big takeaway for me. Being smart alone doesn’t mean shit if you don’t match it up with some blood, sweat and tears. That’s been my experience with Ross in every interaction. It’s not enough to have a good idea. It’s not enough to be creating good content. It’s not enough to have a plan. If you’re not hustling, you’re getting hustled.

I wish there was just a Ross channel on YouTube where it was just all day Ross telling me to get off my ass and get to work. Every time I hear Ross speak, that’s what I’m left with. Hustle son. Oh, and up your sweater/suspender game. 

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