Have you ever seen the movie A Beautiful Mind?

It’s this movie about a guy who is a literal genius and moving through his head are these incredible ideas and solutions to complex mathematical problems.

Have you see Good Will Hunting?

It’s about this uneducated, troubled young man who happens to be a genius and can solve complex mathematical equations that very few people on the entire planet can even comprehend.

Well, life’s not really like that.

I mean in some cases it is. In some cases there are people who think like that; some people that NEED to think like that because they’re solving the problems that the world needs solved. They’re curing cancer and developing sustainable energy.

But that’s not you. How do I know that? Well, I just don’t think that you’d be reading my blog. It’s fine, but doesn’t appear in a lot of scientific journals.

The point is that you don’t need complex solutions that will shake your very existence.

In the words of Jason Fried, it’s all about…

Simple mundane solutions.

We think that we’re going to have this Eureka moment and suddenly we will understand the entirety of social media marketing. The truth is, there are things that work and things that don’t and you can find that information just about everywhere. Find the pros. Ask them. Pay attention to what they’re doing. It’s not a eureka moment. It’s simple and it’s mundane and it works.

Now there are AMAZING things that you can do. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes you come up with some new, incredible way to use the platform or to connect with your audience.

But as Ed O’Neill says in Modern Family;

90%…is just showing up.

Being there, especially on social media, is actually the key. If you show up, and you just put in the work, you’re halfway there. It’s not some crazy moment in a bathtub where you figure out how volume works.

Simple mundane solutions.

So the next time you’re sitting around trying to figure out some new insane strategy that’s going to “10x your business” or “blow up your profile”, why don’t you just slow the hell down, take a big slurp of coffee and get to work.

Simple mundane solutions.

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