Ok. So, like…obviously marketing is a department. There IS a marketing department. But that’s not really the point.

I spend so much of my time checking out marketing strategies. I watch webinars looking for tips and tricks. I read blogs and search for new ideas that will move me forward. I devour books in an effort to pull from them some life-changing sage advice.

And recently I read Purple Cow. And everything just sort of clicked.

Hilariously, I came up with this idea long before I read the book. I knew that there was something to the idea, but I couldn’t really put it into words.

And then I read Purple Cow.

One of the things that has really bothered me over the past few years is when bad products are marketed well. Sometimes they get a few bites but then you realize that the product is shitty, and it all dies from there. The focus, for decades has been on figuring out a way to sell things to people.

But that’s not the right way to do it.

Instead of trying to sell something that sucks to people that don’t want it, what companies SHOULD be doing is developing products that people would actually want. THEN, you can work on marketing that product to the right people. It’s not that you don’t need to market things. It’s that you need to market the right things in the right way.

Never before in history have individuals and companies had more control over understanding their customers. You have a lifeline, right there in front of you. Social media, email marketing and websites have given us a way to speak directly to our customers. We can actually ASK them what they want and what they need. We can SEE what they are doing, WHO they’re talking to and WHAT they’re saying.

Now some companies take that information and try to use it to convince people to buy their garbage. But the great companies, the truly great companies, go all the way back to the source. Product design. Engineering. EVERYTHING is about marketing.

Design something people will want.

Build it so that people will love it.

Then, and only then, try to sell it to them.

THAT is the secret of Purple Cow.

You can make a regular old black and white cow, just like everyone else is making a regular old black and white cow. And then you can try to sell that regular old black and white cow to people who don’t want to see a regular old black and white cow because they’ve seen thousands.


You can make a Purple Cow.

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