Podcasts. For those of you who already listen to podcasts, you probably don’t need to read this at all. In fact, DON’T read this. Why would you waste your time reading this blog when you could be listening to podcasts. Now, for those who are NOT podcast listeners, let me explain why you’re wrong. 

I listen, “religiously” if you will, to three podcasts. They are, in no particular order, Freakonomics Radio, Doug Loves Movies and The Nerdist. Each of these represents a very different area of focus, ranging from stand up comedy and movie trivia through to game development. That’s the real power of podcasts, if you have an area of interest, there is a podcast for that topic. How true is that statement? I once thought that I would create a podcast where we would play dungeons and dragons (did I mention that I’m a nerd) and record it as an audio podcast. I thought, “this will be amazing because there are obviously no podcasts that are currently dealing with this topic”. False. There are a lot. There are a lot of podcasts on every potential topic.

Now, what do you get from podcasts? Personally, I use podcasts for two very particular purposes. The first is pure entertainment. Have you listened to the radio lately? It’s not good. It makes me feel old however I’m of the opinion that, when it comes to radio anyways, that music is dead. But podcasts are the new talk radio. Now I’ve talked to people who say “well, I just use Sirius and I have talk radio”. That’s not the same though. The control you have listening to podcasts is absolutely superior in every conceivable way. I can listen to anything that I want to… at any time.

Now, entertainment is nice but more important to me is inspiration. There is nothing more interesting to me than learning and I’ve learned the most amazing things from the most surprising people through podcasts. I’ve learned amazing things about creative design, education, training, work ethic and everything in between. It truly is an experience where you get to connect with groups of people that you’ve never connected with before.

Now, some caveats. There is very objectionable language on those podcasts, most notably Doug Loves Movies and The Nerdist. The second caveat may even be more serious. PODCASTS WILL ENGULF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE IN EVERY WAY IN EVERY WAKING MOMENT.

Some specific episodes I would recommend listening to include the episodes of The Nerdist with guests Joseph Gordon Levitt, George RR Martin, Tig Notaro, Charlie Day, Randy Pitchford and the Wine episode of Freakonomics.

Enjoy Your Burrito (you’ll understand)

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