I was online recently looking at registering a couple of domains for a couple of new projects. My domain registrar was VERY excited to tell me all about the new TLDs that had recently been made available, as well as some of the new ones that were coming up. For example, instead of blackice.com I can now register blackice.guru…or blackice.construction. Exciting, yes? No.
Like many people I am excited about some of the opportunities with unique vanity endings. The shift to using .ly (which is the domain for Libya) allow for some creative naming options (see fashionab.ly or visual.ly). I think that the push to create something new and exciting online, something that helps create a brand identity, is very important. But.

If you name your domain whateveryourbusinessis.guru, I’m not going to your website. I’m probably going to go to whateveryourbusinessis.com and if it turns out that you went with guru because the .com was not available, I’m going to be dealing with whoever was smart enough to get the .com. It is important, now more than ever, to choose a business name that allows you to connect with all the various social networks. For example, for my newest venture (to be explained in a future post) we narrowed our list of names down to a handful and then checked to ensure that facebook, twitter, Instagram, .com, .ca and a variety of other networks had the name available. Then and only then we decided on a name.

Some people probably think that’s a little ridiculous. I think those people are wrong, but you can think whatever you want. We’ll talk when you launch your website and your domain is awesomeconstructioncompanylimited.construction….

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