There is a company in Germany that is working on a way to eliminate the angry email. They’re working on a piece of software that scans your email, as you type, for what it determines to be abnormal typing patterns. It checks to see if you’re typing faster than usual, making more than your normal share of errors, and if it determines that this is the case, it makes you review your email at a later date and will not send it. Why? Because it doesn’t want you to send an email in anger that you can’t take back. It makes you think about the consequences of your actions. Do you hear that Twitter?

There is an unfortunate amount of anger and hatred on Twitter, depending on who you follow, and it can be difficult to keep clear of all that animosity. But you have to. There’s no other option. If you want to use Twitter as part of your businesses online identity, you need to remain professional. It’s really easy to slip up with easy access to the interface and such a short communications method but there are consequences to your actions if you fail to stay out of it.
There are several businesses that I will not do business with because of their actions on  Twitter. I will not name them here because that would defeat the purpose of staying positive. And I haven’t always entirely done my part. Let’s talk about crosswalks.

In addition to being a small business owner, I’m also a stay at home dad. We walk… a lot… and in Halifax that means braving the crosswalk system whose rules are rarely observed by the cars that travel the roads in our fair city. I’m used to cars just going through the crosswalks so I’m quite careful however on one particular day when I was about 1/4 of the way across the street, a van drove through the crosswalk on the other side of the street. The van was a work van and happened to have their twitter handle on the vehicle. So I tweeted.

Now, I wasn’t rude. I stuck to facts but sure, I could have been a little nicer with what I said. What I got was a quick response and a company that seemed deeply interested in dealing with the situation. I received a phone call within an hour from the president of the company, who was actually on vacation at the time. Their reaction was incredible. But looking back I could have handled it differently. What a lot of people saw was a business (@oneredcatmedia) mouthing off at another business about something that could have been handled using the normal complaint channels that reserve condemnation until the situation has been handled. As much as I was happy to say great things about that company when it was all done. But not everyone would have seen that entire thread. Some people would have only seen the initial complaint.

If you want an angry twitter account, start an angry twitter account. Lots of people, including myself, handle multiple accounts and if you want to run a commentary account, please do so. But ensure that you disassociate your business identity with your angry twitter identity or suffer the wrath of people who like to keep it positive. 

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