Every single time that I go anywhere or do anything on behalf of my company, I always get the same question; “Where does OneRedCat come from?” Well, here goes.

  1. I don’t own a cat. I haven’t owned a cat in almost 20 years and when I did own a cat, two of them in fact, neither of them were red. 
  2. I don’t really care for cats. I’m not against them per se. I don’t throw things at them and I’ll pet them, but I don’t really care for them because, well, if I wanted a pet that would get mad at me, stay mad at me and generally live their own life without my involvement, I’d get a cat. I’m a dog person. 
  3. I will, never, ever have another cat. My general disinterest for cat’s is nothing compared to my wife’s disdain. 

So, why did I name the company OneRedCat?


Well, it wasn’t actually OneRedCat in the beginning. I had created a small film cooperative in my last office and when we were playing around with names for our collective. The final name that we settled on was Original Copycat Productions. We wanted to be original while building upon the work of some other creative companies and people that we really loved. Stay with me here. When we were looking at registering the domain name and twitter account and other related interweb sorts of things, we discovered that this was a name that someone, actually several people, companies etc had already stolen our great idea. This was frustrating because we had put in all this work.

Some of the work included a small video we had created for the venture. It consisted of identical black cats appearing faster and faster on the screen, accompanied by the common cat sound, the meow. However, finally, at the center of the screen there appeared a red cat accompanied by a sheep sound because… it was different…it was original.

So, what we were left with in the end was, amongst all these black cats…One Red Cat. When the office that I worked at closed, many of our collective shoved off and we ended up losing track of the creative collective that we had made. But what I had left, when I was looking at now branching out on my own with my company I already had a name in mind. But what does it MEAN to me?

If I don’t like cats and red is not my favorite color (it’s orange by the way) then what did OneRedCat mean to me? Well, here goes. There are lots of cats. Lots. (This is a metaphor. Cats are consultants that do a lot of the same things that I do. There are not actually a lot of cats. Well, there ARE actually a lot of cats but that’s not the kind of cat we’re talking about here. I probably should have used a different metaphor. I realize that now). But I am not like those other cats. They all look the same, they all offer the same services and they all offer them for about the same price. I don’t. I’m different. I am the OneRedCat.  

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