For the last year or so, most of my extracurricular article reading has been of the online variety. Topics range from animation to typography, entrepreneurship to iOS. And almost all of that reading has been at the direction of two apps. Those two apps were Flipboard and Zite. I loved both of them, for different reasons.

I enjoyed Flipboard because of it’s specificity. I loved focusing in on a specific subject, be it Apps or Film or Design, and reading everything the internet had to share with me. I enjoyed Zite for the exact opposite reasons. I didn’t often focus in on individual topics but instead used the interests section to tailor my top stories into a formidable selection of articles. I loved the fact that could rely on each of these apps separately for very different purposes. And then a few days ago, Flipboard bought Zite.

So what’s a girl to do. Recently, I have been quite disappointed by the number of apps, sites and services that have been bought and then transitioned into something else. As I’ve said before, I get it. Exit strategies are key in entrepreneurship. Most businesses nowadays seem to be built with an exit in mind. Gone are the days, generally, of someone starting a company and staying with that company, based on its initial concept. And that’s ok. Pivots are necessary in today’s world. OneRedCat started as an amateur filmmaking collective and blogging community. Fast forward one year and we were building websites. Another year and we’re managing social media. Its been a wild ride.

But I’ll never leave OneRedCat. I have several other ventures on the horizon; projects I’m incredibly excited about. But I AM OneRedCat and I’ll never leave it. And then I read a piece by Zite CEO Mark Johnson. And I realized something else. Things change.

Zite wasn’t looking for a way out, they were moving forward, organically. They had a plan and that plan was to grow. Business plans are a lot like birth plans. We hired a doula and one of the first things she told us was to write a plan. Make it as detailed as we could. And then be willing to pivot. Things happen. Things change. The unexpected can be unrelenting. This is true of business and babies. Sure, make a plan. But understand that your plan is subject to the whims of the universe.

I’m excited to see what happens next with Zite and Flipboard. Ideally, I would love it if they kept the status quo. Actually, that’s not true. As I write that I realize that I can’t wait to see what these two juggernauts of media aggregation can accomplish. It might not be exactly what I want to see, or what I think I want to see, but this is their journey and I’m incredibly excited to be a passenger on this ride.

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